What Cities are in Play if the XFL Returns?

How the NFL and XFL Merging Could be More Realistic Than You Think

After reading the title you may say to yourself, “What is this kid on about?” Well, hear me out. In this article I will prove to you the XFL bringing down or merging with the NFL is more realistic than it seems. First, we must go back to the AFL/NFL merger…

The reason the NFL merged with the AFL was because the NFL was scared. No other way to put it. The NFL was holding on for dear life, and scared the AFL would take all the potential talent (Sound familiar?). The NFL/AFL merger was essential to the NFL’s success. If those fears were true the NFL might not have been around today.

Like the AFL, the XFL could be in the running to steal talent from the NFL. Players in the future may strike and play in the XFL. Ratings were down for HBO’s “HardKnocks” which in a way proves the false reality of the owners that fans want football in LA. Relocation is also killing the NFL brand. Oakland, Saint Louis hell, even LA has been rejected by the NFL. It would be smart of the XFL to go to those cities burnt by the NFL. They did that in 2020 with Saint Louis, and if the XFL takes off, why not put a team in Oakland. The football market is like a game of chess, and the XFL could tell the NFL “checkmate” in multiple aspects.

The XFL is one of the spring league pioneers in officiating. With the sky judge they were able to bring inside looks that the NFL would never provide. Not because of money, but because of pride. The XFL’s officials were not only good, they were transparent. It was refreshing to see officiating that good for once, something the NFL has struggled with for years.

Player health and safety was big for the XFL. It was visible in the kickoffs as well as some of the originally proposed rule changes. NFL not so much. That has been obvious as well, with some COVID precautions, and concussions. If the NFL doesn’t work on that things could get interesting in the safety side of things.

Another thing going against the NFL right now is current events. Some people don’t like that the NFL is supporting BLM and attempting to spread equality and send a message. This was obvious not only when they first announced they would be doing things like this, but at the actual football games. There was booing during a moment of silence in the Chiefs Texans game. The XFL probably will follow suit of the NFL and do what they are doing. That’s just based on who the XFL owners are. It’s risky in a way, but the XFL has to do what’s right.

TV Ratings are down in the NFL. Down two million, it’s not a drop the NFL wants to see because they’re losing grip of their fan base in a way. Sure, 20 million still watched the game, but a drop in two million people is huge no matter the league. Now, comparing to the XFL it’s huge. If the XFL is able to get the two million people who did not watch the first NFL game that would be huge. Two million viewers is absolutely huge for a spring league and would be vital for success. What has to happen is get those two million and keep building, do that and maybe year two or three you get near NFL viewership, after that the NFL will have no choice but to go to the XFL and talk merger.

To throw everything together there are at least three main factors the XFL could utilize. First, Good officiating. Next, viewership. Finally, player health and safety. Eventually we could see an AFL/XFL situation with the XFL. But the XFL has to utilize those three things and be bold, you aren’t going to be successful if you don’t explore and take risks.

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