The History of St. Louis football

A Briefing on the St. Louis BattleHawks and XFL


On October 20th 2020 reports came out that the XFL has been in contact with Explore Saint Louis regarding a stadium lease. In multiple published articles, Explore Saint Louis’s President Kitty Ratcliffe seemed very optimistic about the entry talks. I reached out to her for a comment, but I did not receive a response.

It would make the most sense to have the XFL’s most successful franchise come back. Saint Louis was a vital part in keeping the league’s attendance numbers up. As they finished first in attendance, closely followed by the Seattle Dragons.    

While there are many hurdles to clear between the two parties, BattleHawks fans should remain optimistic that the team will return to the Dome in 2022. 


Dany Garcia recently went on a number of panels to talk about her life as well as the XFL. One of the panels she talked on was with Yahoo Finance. Where she mentioned that the XFL would not waive rights fee’s. Getting a deal like that will be a challenge, but they have the ownership group to accomplish it.

Finally, In an article with Sports Illustrated Dany also mentioned that the league could be looking at expansion. Whether that means more teams, or she wants to expand the fanbase we don’t know yet. All we can do is wait, and have patience.

That’s the latest right now with the XFL. Have any comments? Let us know down below or join the conversation on Discord!

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