Birmingham City Council President Wants USFL Franchise in 2022

Birmingham City Council President Wants USFL Franchise in 2022

Last week the football world was rocked when it was revealed that the United States Football League (USFL) would be returning in 2022 on FOX. With the league making a comeback with a minimum of eight teams, many have wondered what cities we may see them venture into.

The USFL has already secured a number of trademarks which include former team names and variations for cities across the country. Included in the list, is former USFL franchise, the Birmingham Stallions. That being said, the league has also trademarked the Austin Stallions and Dallas Stallions.

Well, if Birmingham City Council President William Parker has his way the league will be returning to Birmingham next year. According to ABC 33, Parker plans to meet with USFL officials in the next few weeks to discuss his plan to bring the league to Birmingham.

I’m excited about what this opportunity could mean for this city and all the people who love football here,” President Parker said.

It’s also stated that is the USFL does come to Birmingham, the team would be housed out of Legion Field Stadium. The last time the city had a pro football team was when the Birmingham Iron played out of the same stadium.

Legion field can hold up to 70,000 fans, and there’s a lot of fans hungry for football in the area that would welcome the Stallions back.

At the moment, there’s not much known about the USFL’s comeback, other than they plan to play in 2022. The league’s website states that they’re targeting a minimum of eight teams, with cities and coaches to be named is the near future.

In my opinion, it’s great to see enthusiasm coming from city officials; and we expect to see more of this as the league decides where to place their franchises.

Would you like to see the USFL return to Birmingham? What other cities would you like to see the USFL? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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