Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

Buyers Have Reportedly Shown Interest in Purchasing the XFL

It’s been a wild ride since the XFL was forced to suspend their season after the fifth week due to the coronavirus pandemic. Just earlier this week the league filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and reportedly Vince was open to selling the company.

Well, today it seems we have some more information on the subject. According to Forbes, aspiring sports moguls have contacted investment banker Andrew Kline about purchasing the XFL.

“There are many folks interested and calling us, but we are not working on anything, and without a billionaire stepping in for Vince, we are not interested,” Kline, a former NFL player who is now a partner at Park Lane, wrote in an email. “If Vince McMahon was 100% committed to the XFL, I think it could have survived COVID-19 and much worse.”

Forbed reached out to Andrew Kline, but he declined to name any of the potential XFL buyers.

The XFL’s parent company, Alpha Entertainment filed for Bankruptcy on Monday, less than a week after the league announced that it had suspended day-to-day operations due. The league halted play on March 20,  five games into its second season and at the time said they had planned on playing in 2021 and future seasons.

According to Kline, there may be a way for both leagues to co-exist if the NFL buys the XFL and turns the XFL Into a player development league similar to how MLB and the NHL’s minor leagues operate.

This is definitely promising news if you’re hoping that the XFL continues to exist. It’s hard to say if these are honest requests or people interested in what is being offered. Needless to say, if the XFL does return it’s possible it’s nothing like what we saw them build in the last two years.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on this. Until then, do you think the XFL will return? Let us know your thoughts down below or join the conversation on Discord.

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