The Latest USFL Trademark News — Which Teams Could Return in 2022?

Potential News on USFL Tryouts for 2022 Season

Ever since it was announced that the USFL would be returning in 2022, many players have reached out to find out how they can tryout for the new league.

Well, we may be getting closer to finding out some information on that front.

@NewsUSFL on Twitter reports that prospective players were informers that a USFL combine is scheduled in California this January.

Additionally, it seems that a showcase event for skill players will take place Jan 8-9, with specialists trying out Jan 22-23 in Southern California.

There has also been rumors of a second combine in Atlanta, but we have not been able to substantiate that just yet. As of now, there’s nothing that leads us to believe that there is any substance behind that report. But… we’ll let you know if that changes.

These don’t seem to be open tryouts, it looks like the league is actively reaching out to players and agents to invite them to this event.

At the time of publication, it’s been said that the USFL is targeting March 1st to begin their training camp/pre-season. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by the league yet, all signs point to the USFL season taking place in Birmingham, AL next year. Looking at the discussions between the league and Birmingham, if all goes as planned in 2022 the city could host as many as four teams in 2023 as the league works towards moving all their teams to their respective cities.

We’ve heard a few mentions of the upcoming tryouts and draft, and generally where there’s smoke there’s fire.

We’ve also seen excitement from others in the lead-up to the relaunch of the USFL. Case in point, former Denver Broncos QB Chad Kelly. Frankly, Kelly would be a perfect fit for the new league. Not only does he have prior NFL experience, he’s the nephew of former USFL standout Jim Kelly.

Last week we finally learned the eight USFL teams that would be returning, and with less than five months until kickoff we’re starting to see the news ramp up.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the upcoming USFL season and tryouts. Make sure to follow USFL Newsroom for all the latest updates as they come in.

Who would you like to see join the USFL in 2022? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Played arena played semi pro out of mobile al. Run 4.7 flat in the 40yd dash, played fullback, center, Dt, De, long snapped 6ft 1 inches 285lbs wanna tryout

  2. Andy Hogan– long snapped for Georgia for 3yrs. Signed Free Agent deal with Tampa Bay after school and got released in the last round of cuts. Want another shot a long snapping. Was Special Team MVP in college. 6,1 240

  3. Derrick Beckom Jr, 5’9 1/2 ” 195 DB. Play 2 seasons at MS Gulf Coast 1 season at Harding University. Opted out my SR season because of Covid. I’m a graduate of MGCC and Harding University and now working on my Masters, as I teach and coach football at Heritage Academy. I’m a student of the game and looking for a opportunity to prove on a professional level.

  4. Mike Bickford 22 years old 6’0 220 LB RB 2nd team NJ all-state RB playing semi-pro great kick returner can play LB S RB WR

  5. Just finished the 2021 college football season at a smaller school. I have potential to be a really good football player. I did not get a whole lot of opportunities in college, my head coach stopped me. He did not believe in me, he overlooked me but when I played my couple games with a handful of plays and in each, I did really well. Everyone the team and most of the coaches saw my potential, minus him. I just need an opportunity, just because he didn’t see anything in me doesn’t mean anyone else won’t! Right coach, right system, I can be something special. 6’1/6’2 235 lbs. I am a 34 outside linebacker drop to curl/hook/flat, contain outside and occasionally rush the QB. No surgeries or concussions. Email: [email protected]. I am EXTREMELY hungry, ticked off and need a chance. Give me a chance to show him he made a mistake.

  6. I am just working seasonal jobs and training with my athletic trainer everyday and trying to land in someone’s lap. You won’t regret taking me, you will thank me later. Not the fastest or the strongest, but will grind it out. I just need an opportunity.

  7. Julian Johnson, just played the 2021 college football season, won two conference championships at a NAIA school. Did not get a lot of opportunities, my head coach stopped me. Took the film I was able to get and trying to land in someone’s lap. I have potential to be a really good player if landed with the right team, right coach and right system, I can be something special. No surgeries or concussions so I have a lot of juice left. I just need an opportunity. Email is [email protected]. 6’1/6’2 235 lbs 3-4 outside linebacker, goal line tight end and special teams.

  8. Hjavier Pitts 24 yrs.old 185 RB -SLWR-KRS Played in TSL game in California also All American Bowl game in Minneapolis Minnesota Offensive MVP true weapon on field just need opportunity

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