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Ten Coaches Leave USFL For Opportunities With The XFL

The world of sports can be a cruel place. In 2022, the USFL provided hundreds of opportunities to players, coaches, personnel, etc. to pursue their dreams. However, with the XFL and their latest set of hires, ten of those coaches have left the USFL, and will join their respective XFL franchises.

Here is the official list of coaching transfers:

Bill Johnson (Defensive Line): Birmingham to Houston
Corey Chamblin (Defensive Backs): Birmingham to San Antonio
Cris Dishman (Defensive Coordinator): New Jersey to Las Vegas
Greg McMahon (Special Teams): Houston to Houston
Jon Himebauch (Offensive Line/Special Teams): Birmingham to Arlington
Mark Snyder (Linebackers): Houston to Orlando
Pat Perles (Offensive Line): Tampa Bay to St. Louis
Paul Spicer (Defensive Line): New Orleans to San Antonio
Tim Lewis (Co-Defensive Coordinator): Houston to Arlington
Ty Warren (Defensive Line): Houston to Orlando

Some of these members were previously a part of the XFL in 2020. Once the USFL came around, they joined the league for the 2022 season. Now, they either return – or switch paths – to join the XFL for their 2023 season.

XFL Offering More Than The USFL?

At the end of the day, it’s the name of the game. For this specific set of coaches, the XFL offered a better opportunity for their future. While we don’t know the details of what the USFL and XFL offered each coach, odds are the XFL is willing to spend more as of right now.

An interesting development to keep an eye on is Tim Lewis in Arlington. He was the defensive coordinator for the Houston Gamblers, but now joins Bob Stoops in the XFL. The strange part is that he will share DC operations with Jay Hayes. Two defensive coordinators isn’t a common occurrence in football. That being said, Stoops must have quite the master plan in place.

Three of these coaches (Chamblin, Johnson, and Himebauch) just won a Championship with the Birmingham Stallions. Now, they look to continue on their successful journeys with a brand new league, as the XFL returns for a third time in 2023.

What do you think of these USFL to XFL coaching transfers? Who are you most excited to watch heading into the 2023 season? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!