USFL Teams Leaked? — New Trademarks Filed Ahead of Announcement

USFL Teams Leaked? — New Trademarks Filed Ahead of Announcement

Last night the USFL announced that some news would be released during today’s episode of The Herd on FS1. It would make sense that USFL news would drop on a FOX property as they have a stake in the league.

FOX put out their first statement on the USFL last week, the first since it was revealed that the league would be returning. After the news came out regarding The Herd, it seems that we may have stumbled upon what the announcement may be about.

@NewsUSFL on Twitter noticed that the following teams had accounts created on both Instagram and Twitter.

UPDATE: All eight USFL teams were officially revealed on The Herd!

When FOX put out their first set of details on the 2022 relaunch of the USFL we discussed what we knew and what we didn’t know. One of the main things we were hoping for out of the initial release was the team names. Well, it seems that we may be getting that tomorrow… or at least in the near future.

At the time of publication these franchises haven’t been confirmed by FOX or the USFL. But, that leads us to our next topic of discussion.

Yesterday there were some new trademarks filed by the USFL’s parent company, National Spring Football League. The new registrations include the Houston Gamblers, New Jersey Generals, New Orleans Breakers and Philadelphia Stars. All of the registrations are for goods and services, but the Stars it the only to include a logo; which we haven’t seen in any of the other trademarks to this date.

Philadelphia Stars - USFL Trademark

When the USFL first opened their online shop last month they released merchandised with four former franchises, leading to speculation that these could be the first teams in the league. One of those teams was the Philadelphia Stars, so it seems very likely that they will be returning in 2022.

The USFL stated that the eight teams would be spilt between a northern and southern division. If these are the teams it seems that we’ll have the Panthers, Generals, Stars and Maulers in the north, with the Stallions, Gamblers, Breakers and Bandits in the south.

Interestingly enough, last month we reported that the NFL’s Carolina Panthers had filed against the USFL’s Michigan Panthers trademark. So, it seems we’ll just need to wait and see what the USFL has to say and see how it all turns out.

If these are the eight USFL franchises, which team will you be rooting for in 2022? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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