XFL to hold training camp in Houston next January

XFL to hold training camp in Houston next January

We have heard six of the eight coaches names, we know that the rule book is coming over the summer and the draft in fall, but what about pre-season? It looks as if the XFL is going to take a similar approach as the AAF did, with a roughly two week training camp.

According to Howard Balzer, the training camp will take place in Houston next January with all eight leagues participating. This would replace a pre-season for the league, at least for the inaugural season. It’s very possible that if the league surpasses it’s predecessors existence that we may see a proper pre-season for the league. This is in line to with what we were told as well, just more confirmation on the subject.

Commissioner Luck has stated in the past that he expects team practices to start around late fall, this would not replace that, rather this would supplement those practice sessions.

If this ends up coming to fruition, XFL2k HQ is based out of the Houston area so we’ll be able to give you all the latest updates during the training camp. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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