Tier 1 Quarterbacks will not be part of XFL draft says Oliver Luck

Tier 1 Quarterbacks may not be part of XFL draft

We don’t now much about the XFL draft other that it is supposed to occurring mid-October. We seem to have some new details trickling out on how some players will be assigned to teams.

According to the Seattle Times, each team will have a “Tier-One Quarterback” assigned to them. This means that they will not be apart of the draft process. They also mentioned that the league is keeping an eye on the backup quarterback battles happening throughout the NFL as we get closer to kickoff. They specifically mentioned Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch, stating that whoever loses that battle could be on the radar of the XFL.

UPDATE: We just received word directly from the XFL that this may not be entirely correct. At the moment the league is CONSIDERING allocating QBs, but nothing is set in stone yet.

We recently reported that Johnny Manziel would be interested in playing in the XFL for either Dallas or Houston. At the time, we discussed the fact that he would need to go through the draft for this to happen, and nothing was guaranteed. After hearing this news, it means everything is off the table. Could this mean the XFL has already started signing Quarterbacks to the league, only time will tell.